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No. 1 unmanned currency exchange machine in Korea
Easy to adopt

Automate cumbersome currency exchange tasks

Enjoy customer service and additional revenue at the same time.

WOW BI-08.png

The overwhelming leader in the domestic unmanned currency exchange market

Competitiveness of Orange Square

First time in the country ​ unmanned money changer

Bellsoft Co., Ltd. first introduced in '18

Promoting the institutionalization of unmanned currency exchange business

Multilingual customer center provided

English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean

Multilingual CS / Real-time control room operation

Most installed in Korea

Installed/introduced more than 70 locations in the metropolitan area,  

Public institutions, large corporations, etc.  Verification of service quality through partnership

fit the space  stylish design

Orange / dark gray color,  

  Choose from small/large device sizes

location (1).png
Installed in more than 70 locations throughout the metropolitan area

Innon-metropolitan areassuchas Busan and Jeju It is possible to apply for an unmanned currency exchange membership.

In preparation for the surge in customer demand after COVID-19 Non-face-to-face currency exchange service Be proactive. 

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​All services are provided by the head office

  Currency exchange: replenishment of won-won funds, foreign currency processing, customs declaration, etc.

  Customer Service: Multilingual CS (English/Japanese/Chinese, etc.)

  Installation location information on our multilingual service website 

Easy installation and maintenance

 Can be installed in 0.5m² space (requires 220V power)

 ​Using the device's built-in wireless LTE communication

 ​Provide instrument hardware maintenance

introduction cost

 Substitute with monthly fee and capital/deposit without investment cost

 Monthly fee can be waived depending on the amount of currency exchange

 The deposit/equipment rental deposit will be returned after the contract is terminated.

 Monthly usage fee, exchange profit distribution, trial money, etc.Separate consultation for detailed conditions

chosen by many customers
Korea No.1 unmanned currency exchange solution
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'​ L' Customer (Hotel)

front exchange service  unattended
Take care, the front staff

  Room check-in/check-out, etc.

For more important guest service tasks  

to be able to focus

Service quality has improved.

'S' customer (duty-free shop)

Foreign guests were originally  

There was a lot of demand for currency exchange.

An unmanned money changer without much effort

You can also enjoy currency exchange profits ,

Exchanged customers purchase goods

do more  storeSales also increased

'J' Customer (Luggage Storage)

look on the internet and exchange money

coming to the store  foreigner

tourists  Quite a lot.  

Thanks to you, our store is also publicity  

Together, tourists and visitors

Steadily  It's growing.


Best unmanned currency exchange  service,
​ Orange Square is with you.

Thank you for contacting us. We will reply through the department in charge.

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